Monday, July 6, 2009

Destination Wedding Locations: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A friend of ours who is a golf fanatic moved to Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago and thought he had died and gone to heaven. The area's numerous world-class courses, combined with mild
winter weather, was a dream come true. Of course, there's more to this popular resort
than golf—the boardwalk, shops, and carnivals, plus sixteen miles of beaches make
Myrtie Beach one of the country's top destination wedding and honeymoon sites.

Wedding Logistics
Compared to- neighboring states, South Carolina's marriage requirements are a breeze. There is no blood test or medical, exam. While there is a twenty-four-hour waiting period between the time you get a license and when you can be married, this can be waived by applying for a license ahead of time in writing. The cost is $15.

By comparison, Georgia requires a test for venereal disease to get a marriage license, and North Carolina is even worse: brides and grooms must be checked for mental incompetence, tuberculosis, venereal disease, and rubella. No wonder South Carolina looks like a better bet for a destination wedding.

Local Bridal Customs
As with other southern states, you're likely to encounter groom's cakes at wedding receptions in South Carolina. This is a separate chocolate cake that is theoretically for the groom, while a wedding cake is the "bride's" cake.

Best Time to Go
Summer in South Carolina can be a steam bath, with temperatures in the 90s. Cooler temperatures and fewer crowds make April and May (after Easter and before Memorial Day) nice months to visit, as well as September and October.

Costs, Accommodations, and Getting Around
One of the best things about a wedding/honeymoon in Myrtle Beach is the relatively moderate cost. Most resort hotels on the beach are in the $150-per-night range. For example, the Breakers Resort (800-845-0688) offers a three-night package during high season (June 26 though August 15) for $490. You get a one-bedroom suite, flowers, champagne, and breakfast in bed every day. The room has an ocean view, double whirlpool bath, plus a full kitchen. Seven nights runs $1110. In the slower months like April, the same room rents for $331 for three nights and $739 for seven.

What Makes it Special
Myrtle Beach has fifty, that's right, fifty golf courses. A variety of activities, including horseback riding and hiking, will keep you busy. And, unlike other parts of the country, the locals are quite friendly.

Insider Travel Tips
As with other coastal areas along the Atlantic seaboard, hurricane season runs from June through September. Be prepared for rain, especially in the spring and fall.

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