Monday, October 20, 2008

Q & A: What is an acceptable donation to pastor who is marrying us?

Q. The pastor that is marrying us indicated there is no charge for him to marry us, but that a donation is acceptable to cover the cost of the custodians cleaning up, etc. What is an acceptable donation? We do not belong to this church, but we are very pleased with the pastor who is marrying us.

A. Tipping the pastor/minister/officiant is traditional - and in good taste - and varies throughout the world. In your neck of the woods, cost of the custodians cleaning up is ok - probably $50 to $100 bucks - but - it is not unusual to give a minister - pastor - et al - a $100 to $200 gratuity - do - if you give for clean up and offer the pastor something for his kindness' you should be respectfully covered at $150 to $200. These moneys should be given to the officiant by the best man with him explaining that some is custodial but the some is for the pastor. Have the best man do this prior to the service (as things can get a little hectic immediately following the service).

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