Monday, October 20, 2008

Q & A: Is it proper to give the birth mother a corsage too?

Q. I was adopted at birth and in the past 4 years have met my birth mother and other family members. They are coming down from Ohio, and my sister is one of my bridesmaids. Is it proper to give the birth mother a corsage too without hurting the feelings of my mother?

A. Don't be nervous or confused - you can give a corsage to anyone and everyone - sure it's OK - the fact is she IS a family member and your mom will likely understand - because - your birth mother is "a guest", should not participate in the wedding ceremony, nor the receiving line, nor any part of the wedding process. Ergo, your birth mother will not be taking anything away from your mom (obviously including you) - if you want your birth mother to sit "with the family members" behind your mom and dad this is also OK and your choice. Regardless of what you choose to do - get with your mom and tell her your thoughts and ideas and ask her how she feels about it all - just letting her know you care enough to want to not hurt her feelings and wanting her input should go a LONG, LONG way.

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