Monday, October 20, 2008

Q & A: Destination wedding in Jamaica

Q. I am having a destination wedding in Jamaica. There will be no traditional wedding party. When and how do we formally announce this? We have the blessing of friends and family. We will be having a party in April before our June date. Who could I contact in Atlanta (GA) that would offer advise and inform me of the protocol for this type of event? I appreciate you sharing your expertise.

A. I'm not sure I have the details right - but let me try anyway. Announcements always go out "after the fact" and usually on the same day of, or day after the wedding. You should have a close friend or a family member mail out the announcements from home. Now, according to your email you state that you will have a "party" in April prior to "our June date" which I interpret as you are planning to celebrate your wedding in April (informal reception type of affair??) prior to you going to Jamaica in June to get married??? If I am correct in what I read, then what you are actually doing has no wedding "etiquette" role - your "get together" prior to your wedding is actually a "bon voyage" and "good luck in the future" party and should be treated as such. Send our the usual party invitations - formal or informal - with an explanation of the event (so everyone is comfortable). If you want this to be more like a reception or a house warming I would suggest you try to arrange it for some period of time following your return form the honeymoon - this has become an everyday occurrence in the wedding industry. Though my daughter's wedding was in Georgia (Statesboro) I'm afraid we have no current contacts in the Atlanta area - but we are checking into it at this time.

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