Monday, October 20, 2008

Q & A: How my divorced parents should be seated at the wedding?

Q. My parents are divorced, have not spoken to each other in the last 15 years and in general do not like one another. What is your best advice as to how they should be seated at the wedding? We are catholic.

A. Your mom and current husband? (if one exists) sit on the front row right hand side with the rest of your relatives behind her in the next row or more - then your father and his current wife??? (if one exists) sits behind the rest of the family - if your dad's current wife is "no friend of the family" (meaning not appreciated or actually disliked by your mom) she sits further back in the church on your side. Let your mom help you with this - if she doesn't really care do as setout above - if she just doesn't want you dad "anywhere around" seat him alone as above - or - talk to him and see how he feels about sitting a little further back with his "current".

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