Monday, October 20, 2008

Q & A: What is the proper donation to the minister who performs a simple ceremony?

Q. What is the proper donation (tip, gift, or contribution -I'm not sure of the proper term- etc.) to give to the minister who performs a simple ceremony?

A. The proper amount to offer a minister for a wedding ceremony is an ethereal thing - depending on what part of the world you are in - depending on any pre-marriage counseling - does the minister to a rehearsal - does the minister "host" the event making sure everything is in order and running smoothly - or - does the minister show up, say some words, pronounce you man & wife and depart??? In general, the very basics go for about $100+ -- with rehearsal add $50+ -- with counseling add $50 to $100+ -- does help out = no add on - does organize and work to make sure it's all smooth and easy for you = add $50 to $100 A simply affair should be a minimum of $100 -- a more involved and special treatment (with rehearsal but no counseling) should start at $150 and go to not more than $350. Don't like these numbers - an easy solution is ask "what is your ussual fee or gratuity for performing a service like this??? This IS proper and should be done when interviewing and speaking with your minister.

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